Project images
A screenshot of the Omnipedia main page: a message from the founder, an excerpt of an article, and a few news items of the day.
A screenshot of an Omnipedia article, containing body text, an infobox with various key points, and a micrograph image of a protein.
Three mobile devices displaying an Omnipedia article with a content pop-up open: a large tablet, a small tablet, and a phone.
A screenshot of the Omnipedia administrative wiki page list, showing customizations allowing multiple "days" to be filtered by.
A screenshot of the Omnipedia administrative wiki page edit form, with the main body containing text in Markdown format.
A screenshot of the Omnipedia administrative attached data form, displaying a field to specify to what content to attach and the content to attach, formatted as Markdown.

Neurocracy is a joint project between myself and my good friend Joannes. It aims to be equal parts interactive fiction and cautionary tale about the intersection of surveillance capitalism, big data, and authoritarianism. This is conveyed through the medium of a futuristic equivalent of Wikipedia known as Omnipedia, in which the reader is presented with articles and information in a familiar format so that they may piece together the history and events of the year 2049.

I wrote a lot of custom code to enable Drupal to behave like a wiki while also making the content itself simple to edit and expand upon. A simulated revision system was implemented to allow readers to jump between different iterations of the same content for successive in-universe “days”.

Another system was created to allow us to define, manage, and display short pieces of content accessible by hovering over or tapping pseudo-links without leaving the page. Analogous to Wikipedia’s article previews, these pop-ups are displayed as rich tooltips (powered by Tippy.js) on wider screens, while on narrow screens they’re displayed as a panel that slides up into view.

The Drupal administration interface was altered to accommodate the episodic day system, while a custom form and listing view were created for managing the pop-up content; both of these can be seen in the screenshots.

Neurocracy is currently in development with a release date to be decided. If you want to keep up to date with the project and get involved, visit the promo site for more information.

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