Abstraction libraries - Robust Client-Side JavaScript

Every year or so, someone writes an article titled “You do not need jQuery” or “You do not need Lodash”. These articles point out that the native APIs have been improved since or old browsers that prevented the usage of native APIs have died out. That is right, but they often miss the other main goal of libraries.

Libraries provide a concise and consistent API that is an abstraction of several inconsistent browser APIs. For example, using jQuery for traversing and manipulating the DOM, handling events and animation is still more pleasant than using the respective native APIs. This is because jQuery provides an unbeaten abstraction: A list type containing DOM nodes with powerful map, reduce and filter operations. Also, jQuery still deals with browser inconsistencies and tries to level them.

For the sake of robustness, use well-tested, rock-solid libraries. The time, resources and brain power that went into the creation and maintenance of such libraries do not compare to your own solutions.

Quoted content by Mathias Schäfer is licensed under CC BY-SA. See the other snippets from Robust Client-Side JavaScript.